Under The Shade (feat. Truth Himself) DEMO

by Our Vintage Film



You're just a little ant
Inside a corporate world of shame
You're feeling cautious
There's no sense of trust
It all comes down to who has the biggest flames
You know it's too late
You're doomed there's no debate
This is your only atmosphere
Just watch it burn away
Time itself decay
Devouring the future so watch and stay, just wait

Oh, There's a heat wave
It's coming our way
They say it's global warming
But I call it "fry day"
Like a black hole
It's out of control
But if it get's too hot to stay
We'll go under the shade
The tide's underway
Don't be afraid
As we're blown away
So I think I'll stay
And go under the shade

VERSE - Truth Himself
Uh, I feel a heat stroke's coming
The world's about to collapse, but we know nothin
If I could take a look at life from the outside
I'd probably see the fire rise as we count time
10, 9, 8, 7 til blast off, whole society and faces take the mask off
If we have truly reached the end let me think God
Cause life is stolen from a child, like a paint job
I've been sweatin' since the beginning, I'm used to it
I'm sick of standing up for y'all, how bout you do it?
Under the shade where we're safe for the moment being
But I can see the cuts around me were slowly bleeding
Yeah, we're bleeding from insides out
Rain won't stop so we pray for a drought
And if I manage to survive when the world stops spinning,
I look back at the way we were living
And I'll breath in, breath out



released August 28, 2012
Our Vintage Film & Truth Himself. Drums by Tom Myers. Drums recorded by Steve Crowder at Oceanway Nashville. All other recordings were written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Our Vintage Film.



all rights reserved


Our Vintage Film Nashville, Tennessee

When you start to hear reverse piano playing along with bittersweet strings and a fundamental acoustic indie-pop progression, you start to understand why the band is called Our Vintage Film. Each tune will remind you of your greatest memories being played back on an old 8mm vintage camera. ... more

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